StoryBox: Five Bedtime Stories Pack #4 // world

StoryBox: Five Bedtime Stories Pack #4

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Five beautiful book-length stories to read and listen to, written and illustrated by top authors and artists from all around the world. From fairy tales to exciting adventures, here are stories that children will want to share with you over and over again.

The audio recordings provide great support with pronunciation and comprehension. Children will be able to enjoy the e-books on their own and will love listening to their favourite stories!

Five Stories included:

What’s in that cupboard?

At Anna’s grandparents’ house, there is a cupboard in the hall. Every time the cupboard door is opened, a strange wind blows. Whoosh!

Will Little Fox ever learn?

Fenton Fox tells his son, Little Fox, that when he grows up he will be a chicken thief. But Little Fox is not a very good chicken thief…

The youngest

Duchess Leonie has lots of daughters. There are Charlotte, Emily, Josephine, Henrietta, Sophie, Abigail, Emma, Kitty, Suzie and… the youngest!

Zouk at the school for Witches

Zouk is starting at the School for Witches. There are four mean sisters in her class. These sneaky snakes are called the Samey sisters.

A Kulich for Dimitri

Will Dimitri’s mum and dad let him have a dog now that they live in a new house with a big garden? When a kulich arrives, Dimitri is sure it is his new pet!

Product details:
  • Ages 3 to 6

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