AdventureBox: Five Amazing Stories Pack #4 // world

AdventureBox: Five Amazing Stories Pack #4

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Five exciting stories for newly independent readers. Action, suspense, drama, adventure, humour: children will discover different genres and develop their literary taste. All the stories are also available in audio version, told by professional actors.

Five stories included:

Professional Spooks

Seena Spook and her family are ghosts. One day Seena’s parents take their daughter to the office. They are sent on urgent mission to haunt a building site and Seena has go with them. She’s delighted to see more of the world of the living.

Invisible at Aunt Agatha’s

Amy and Laura’s aunt has invented invisibility pills. She says the Secret Service is interested in buying them from her. Laura and Amy try the pills and…the adventure begins!

Pirate Parents Fall Out

Anita’s parents are pirates. When they divorce, Anita is very unhappy. Things get worse when the judge decides to give them ‘alternating custody’. The children have to spend one week with one parent and the next week with the other one...

Victor, the Wild Child

This is a true story that took place about 200 years ago. It’s about a wild child-a boy who grew up in the forest all alone. He didn’t mix with other people until he was 11 or 12 years old. Several children like this have been found over the centuries.

Magic Glasses

Owen is not very good at spelling and his dad realizes he probably needs glasses. All they need to do is find the right pair…

Product details:
  • Ages 6 to 9

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